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Extraordinary Stories


Marcela had been treated elsewhere, but her seizures had become more frequent and intense. Dr. Zakaria examined her thoroughly, correctly diagnosed her seizures and changed her medications. Now Marcela is living extraordinary every day.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Barbara felt a wave of panic when she suffered sudden vision loss. Dr. Subei, however, eased Barbara's fears, describing the disease-modifying therapies that are part of the everyday extraordinary treatment and care at Memorial Neurological Institute.

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Jessica knew she had to change something, and that's when she went to see headache specialist Maike Blaya, MD, neurologist, at Memorial Neuroscience Institute. There, she found the everyday extraordinary care she needed.

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After going through the emergency room, Luis was referred to neurologist Maike Blaya, MD, at Memorial Neuroscience Institute, where he found the everyday extraordinary care he needed.

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      • Nicholas suffered from frequent epileptic seizures for years. The Memorial team performed a craniotomy, a two-pronged surgery to remove a portion of the brain causing seizures.

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      • Memorial's neuroscience team consistently meets and exceeds stroke treatment guidelines and speed requirements.

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      • Brijesh Mehta, MD, Medical Director, Stroke and Neurocritical, discusses comprehensive stroke care.

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      • Lonna came to the hospital with a headache and some chest pain. Doctors with the Memorial Neuroscience Institute quickly noticed she was having an aneurysm.

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