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Stroke and Brain Attack Treatment Services

Through prevention, education and sophisticated treatment, Memorial Neuroscience Center's Brain Attack/Stroke Treatment Services at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West are working to reduce the number of complications and fatalities resulting from strokes. Advanced technology and neurointerventional medicine can vastly improve stroke recovery. A stroke or brain attack is like a heart attack: While a heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is interrupted and the heart is deprived of oxygen, a brain attack occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted and the brain is deprived of oxygen. Quickly restoring blood flow to the affected area of the brain is vital in minimizing the long-term effects of stroke and reducing complications.

The Stroke Programs, operational at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West, have received the gold seal of approval in stoke care from The Joint Commission. Memorial Regional Hospital holds the highest designation as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the state of Florida.

Difference Between Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Center

Primary Stroke Centers are qualified to treat ischemic stroke patients in acute phases and evaluate if clot-busting drugs can be administered within the first three hours of symptom onset. Comprehensive Stroke Centers are equipped to meet the needs of hemorrhagic (bleed) or ischemic (clot) stroke patients and can also treat ischemic stroke within eight hours after symptom onset. Additionally, Comprehensive Stroke Centers are prepared to provide more aggressive stroke treatment. The Comprehensive Stroke Center also offers a full continuum of services to stroke patients, including acute stroke rehabilitation.

Stroke and Brain Attack Teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide immediate stroke treatment. The team includes emergency medical services personnel, as well as acute-stroke experts and nurses certified by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to treat stroke patients with neurointerventional techniques.

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